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Congrats to all the 2020 SAR Winners!

Salmon Unlimited of Wisconsin is a Racine based organization that was formed in 1973 by individuals dedicated to supporting the Lake Michigan fishery. The organization has played a key role in helping to establish and maintain a world-class salmon and trout fishery that we enjoy today. SU is also dedicated to helping fisherman of all types enjoy this great resource whether you are a big boat or small boat fisherman, an on-shore fisherman or a youngster just getting started. Our efforts include, Wisconsin DNR Projects, Root River Steelhead Facility, Club Fishing Outings, Club Awards Banquet, Salmon-a Rama, Club Off Shore Contests, Kids Fishing Tournaments, US Veterans Outings, Monthly Speakers and much much more!

Salmon Unlimited of WI Data Buoy Project
The main goal of having our raffles is to purchase and install/maintain a data buoy in the Racine area. This is what we are striving for, and what your donations in our raffles are helping us provide to the community.
The NexSens CB-650 Data Buoy is designed for deployment in lakes, rivers, coastal waters, harbors, estuaries and other freshwater or marine environments where environmental data collection is planned. The floating platform accommodates both topside and subsurface environmental monitoring sensors including weather stations, wave sensors, thermistor strings, multi-parameter sondes, Doppler current profilers and other monitoring instruments.

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2020 Salmon Unlimited Wisconsin Opener
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