2019 Outings

May 18th Kids Outing

June 1 SU WI open/Racine DOWNLOAD FLIER

June 15 Kenosha Classic/Kenosha

June 21-22 Pass the Passion/Winthrop Harbor

July 13-21 Salmon-A-Rama/Lake Michigan

August 3 Brew City/Milwaukee

August 24 Kids Fishing Clinic FISHING CLINIC INFO HERE

August 24 SU IL Open/Winthrop Harbor

October 12 Root River Steelhead Facility Open House 9am-3pm

2019 Salmon Unlimited of Wisconsin club outing rules.

Fishing times will be 5:00 A.M. – 11:30 A.M. Fishing must stop at 11:30 A.M. and anglers must be in line by NOON at the 5th. street boat launch pavilion.

The cost will be $10.00 per boat.

Outing's will be open to the public and registering for event is appreciated, but not required. It is encouraged to allow for adequate food preparation, and for ensuring all anglers are safely off the water.

Any boat having difficulties/breakdown must contact Mike before noon (262) 989-9102. We will make arrangements to get those fished weighed.

Weather/lake conditions
• Any outing that is subject to weather postponement/cancellation will be called off at the latest, 15 minutes before the start of the outing on channel 88
• If the outing goes for 2 hours without issue, it will be considered a complete outing.
• In the event of a small craft advisory there will be an automatic cancellation.


• Each individual will be allowed to weigh in up to 5 fish, 2 of which can be lake trout.
• Event is a maximum of twelve rods per boat, however make sure you follow the 3 rods per person DNR rule and have the appropriate fishing license.

Scoring/rules for regular outings
• This event will be based on the largest individual fish (by weight) for each of the 5 species.
• The bonus fish for Grand Prize will be the species most readily available for that particular outing. It will be announced the day before event with a detailed fishing report by the committee. The committee is made up mostly of S.U. Wisconsin board members.
• There again will be awards for largest fish in all 5 categories. The prizes will be mixed up per category each outing.
• The most improved boat per outing will be based on a point standards. Example outing 1 is 3 fish weighing 23 pounds there score is 53. second outing same boat has 8 fish with 68 pounds with score of 148. The improved score is 148-53=95 points.
• Limit of 12 rods.
There will be prizes for the top 5 species.
1st Mammoth 65 qt. cooler
2nd Okuma 303DS Reel
3rd Okuma 303DS Reel
4th. Set of Church Tackle Walleye Boards
5th. Set of Church Tackle Walleye Boards
6th. Most improved boat Mustad Tackle Bag

You may only win 1 cooler per year, and if you win another feature fish division at another outing you will get first choice from the rest of prizes.

Boat of Year

The weight of the 3 featured fish will be added up per outing. The team with the three heaviest fish will be boat of the year, with runner up and 3rd place also according to the respected 3 heaviest featured fish. Example in three outings would be as follows

first outing.outing featured fish is Chinook. You have a #18
second outing featured fish is Steelhead you have #8
third outing featured fish is Coho you have #6 your yearly score is #32.

These rules will also be discussed at next general membership meeting for any clarification or questions. You can also call Mike at 262-989-9102

Additional Information: All outings are based on the Salmon Unlimited of Wisconsin's mission statement. The mission of Education and the promoting of fishing for all individuals regardless if you are a member or not. These outings will be open to the general public, charter boats, and club members to come out and have fun.