SW Lake Michigan Challenge Series Results now online

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October Fish-On now Online!

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Oct 8 Meeting Guest Speaker: Steven L’Esperance of Smokin Fish Lures

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Oct 8 Meeting Guest Speaker: Steven L’Esperance of Smokin Fish Lures

Steven manufactures bait rigs that many anglers have added to their arsenal. He will go through a few bait-rig presentations that have helped in the past, bring some added fish to the boat. There are times that bait-rigs will out produce both dodger-fly set ups & spoons. With the knowledge of presenting the bait (bait-rigs) in your spread, they will help your other lure set-ups produce more fish. There are also times when multiple bait-rig set-ups will produce bigger fish in the cooler to compliment the amount of fish brought to the weigh-in. With most tournaments set at a 10 Fish limit. Bait-rigs introduced in the multiple lure presentation will help complete the task of a 10 fish limit.

SW Challenge Series Current Standings Now Online

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March Fish-On (GLSF Great Lakes Basin Report included) NOW ONLINE!

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We will be including the GLSF Great Lakes Basin Newsletter with the Fish-On every month!This report is packed full of news throughout the Great Lakes!

SU Banquet March 22nd

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Get your Banquet tickets in! March 12th is the deadline!


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Don't forget that February 12th. is our SU Members annual dues month! All Members annual renewal Memberships are now due in February. Please make it a point to attend our february meeting to renew or purchase new memberships at that time! Also some very important club business will be discussed and we need input!! 7pm, 5th street Yacht club! PLEASE ATTEND!

SU Wisconsin Ice Derby Feb 1st!!! Info HERE!

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November Fish-On Now Online!

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September Fish-On now online!

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Root River Steelhead Facility Open House October 12th 9am-3pm

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