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Welcome new President Chris Strege!

Election results for 2016

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Executive Board:
President, Chris Strege
Vice President, Eric West
Treasurer, Steve Bernstein
Secretary, Mary Lee Hetland

Board of Directors:
Jim LaFortune.         Scott Schmoll
Sam Boettcher.        Jeff Hack(1st alternate)
Don Light.                  Peter Wood(2nd alternate)
Jeff Kingsfield


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Outing #5 and Picnic

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The last outing of the year is this Saturday, Sept. 12 from 6am - 1pm.  With the late sunrise we always move the last outing an hour later.  Hopefully we can see more boats involved.  Remember if you are a club member and you are fishing, you should weigh in your catch, enjoy some food and drinks, and hang with fellow club members.  Please email/call/text/facebook if you and your crew are going to join us.  

Also, the club picnic is immediately after the weigh-in at Armstrong Park.  Please bring a dish to pass.  Adults will be $5 per person and kids 12 and under are free. Please rsvp to Mike the Plumber at for the picnic. See you all on the water and/or at the Picnic.  

Club Outing #4 Results and Year to Date Standings

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Well the year is winding down...tons of fog this last outing!  Three boats who weighed in their catch!  Please see the link below for Outing #4 results and also the Year to Date Standings.  Thank you to the Predator Crew for the awesome lunch!  Any questions please let us know. 

Outing #3 Results and Year Standings

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Thank you to those of you who fished in our 3rd Club Outing on 8/9.  There were some really good boxes of fish (salmon not lake trout) that were weighed in.  The food was good, met some new members, and the weather was perfect!  We still have three contests is the kids outing with the make up date of 8/15, and the other are the club contests on 8/30 and 9/12.  If you are fishing that day, register for the club contest, you can't go wrong!  Food, drinks, and prizes!  Below is the results from the 3rd outing:

Predator - 199.6 Pts
Shock Hazard - 190.6 Pts
Get Hooked - 162.6 Pts
Polish Fisherman - 140.9 Pts
Salmon Dancer - 87.8 Pts
Wet Net - 72.6

The yearly standings and the club outing results can be found on the resources page.  We have started dropping the lowest total for those boats with three outing scores.  Below is the current yearly standings:

Predator - 386.8 Pts
Get Hooked - 334 Pts
Polish Fisherman - 312.3 Pts
Wet Net - 276.4 Pts
Sooperfly - 245.8 Pts
Shock Hazard - 190.6 Pts
Aquaholic - 173.6 Pts
Ghost - 157.9 Pts
Lets Hook Up - 147.2 Pts
Salmon Dancer - 145.3 Pts
Treble Hook - 124.9 Pts
Aft'R Limits 95.5 Pts
Aqua Fox - 83.5 Pts
Mark - 61.9 Pts
Kanasta - 50.3 Pts
M&M - 50.2 Pts
Papas Pleasure - 36.3 Pts

Women's Outing - July 25th (rain date if needed July 26)

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Bring out the girls!!!!! Saturday July 25th is the annual Women's Outing.  Fishing is from 5am til Noon and must be in the harbor by 12:30pm.  We are hosting the club outings (weigh-in, lunch, beverages, etc...) at the public boat lunch (small boat basin).  The rules for the women's outing are: 

- Each individual will be allowed to weigh in up to 5 fish, 2 of which can be lake trout.  
- Prizes/awards will be for the 3 biggest fish of each species. 
- You may run unlimited rods, however make sure you follow the 3 rods per person DNR rule.  
- There will be no entry cost for this contest. 

See you out on the water!  

June Fish-On Now Online

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Results...Outing #2 and Year (So far)

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Good Morning Everyone!!!  Head on over to the resources page and you will find the two new documents we have uploaded.  One is the results from the 2nd outing on 6/14 and the other is the standings for the year.

I want to say thank you to all of you who have fished the outings this year so far, and to those who plan on fishing in the future, Welcome!  We have seen an increase in participation this year and that's is great to see.  We want that to continue growing and we need all of your help!

So, please...invite other members, non-members, and fun fishers to fish the outings. Stay tuned for posts on the other outing dates/times.  Don't forget we have food, beer, raffle, and prizes for 1st through 3rd plus world class camaraderie and conversation! 

Salmon-A-Rama Weighin Help

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Hi SU Members,
We need help with the weighin! Please contact Craig at to schedule a time slot.
Reminder that our next club meeting on July 8 will be held at the Salmon-A-Rama grounds outside the Brew Pub at Reefpoint Marina. Please come by to help setup the grounds about 6 PM. You can sign up to work the food/beverage area and weighin area at this time.

2015 SU Club Outing Rules Posted in Resources Page

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Please check the rules on the resource page.  It has the club outing dates, rain (make up) dates, rules, and general information for the year.  Questions, please let us know.  

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