$15,000 GUARANTEED!!!

posted Mar 20, 2012, 7:28 PM by Salmon Unlimited Wisconsin
Salmon-a-Rama 2012 ($15,000 Guaranteed) 

Some exciting news from the Salmon-a-Rama Board as you see in the subject line. Yes we have approved a GUARANTEED $15,000 Grand prize for 2012! This is exciting and not the only new items for this year.
(NEW) Purchase your Salmon-a-Rama Ticket online before the Tournament starts on July 14th and you’re automatically entered into a cash raffle. We will be giving away three prizes. ($300, $200, $100) That’s just for utilizing the online system!
(NEW) Multi Port Weigh in. Yes we did it! Now you can fish in your own backyard per say and weigh your fish there as well on a Certified scale. The locations will be in North Point, IL., Racine, WI. (HQ), Port Washington, WI., Sheboygan, WI. and hopefully we’ll have some news of a weigh in station in Milwaukee by the end of the week!
(NEW) The SALMON-a-RAMA Slam, This is a 5 fish Tournament that spans the 9 full days of the derby. You weigh you best five fish throughout the 9-days. The catch is there are no replacements so you have to be strategic in your selection. Once you’ve reached five on your Slam Ticket your done. This has a $50 entry fee and we are in talks with a Sponsor to also add a $1,000 Big fish to the mix! This is a great tournament to get into since it’s based on a boat not anglers. 
(NEW) Salmon-a-Rama Charter Ticket. This will be a onetime fee for a charter captain that covers all paying customers over the 9-day derby. The fee will be $500. There is a catch, this only covers the paying customers. The Captain and First Mate must possess an individual ticket if they want to weigh in a fish. The Captain and Fist Mate can be a weigh a fish for a customer if the customer is unable. The benefit for a Charter to do this is as follows: Advertising, Preferred Charter on SAR Website, Any fish weighed under the charter ticket that makes the leader board will have the charter name next to the angler. If a charter enters the Super Sweeps or Two on a boat all anglers must possess an individual ticket unless it is a Tournament Charter. All this information will be expanded on the website in early April! So stay Tuned!