posted May 16, 2013, 8:23 PM by Salmon Unlimited Wisconsin
Well it's that time of the year and hopefully everyone has their boats ready. Also let's hope that racine comes through and gets their piers in at the launch Friday like they are saying right now. But this Saturday, is our first club outing. For this first outing, I will be keeping a same format as last years outings, but I will be talking to everyone at the end of the outing and have some ideas to make some changes to have some more fun with this and take the tournament out these outings. I would like everyone if possible to sign up on here and let me know how many people you will have. The entry for the first outing will remain the same. So, fishing starts at 5am, no lines in the water before, fishing ends at 11. must be in line at 11.30 sharp. I would also like everyone to check in with me on channel 88a in the morning. I will be calling out some boats and seeing how they are doing and getting some fishing reports, so stay tuned!!! So sign up, let me know who's in and I look forward too seeing everyone Saturday. Any questions feel free to shoot me an email! 87_chevman@att.net thanks!!- Travis